What is Skills?

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Pluralsight is excited to introduce a new offering to our product line: Pluralsight Flow (formerly GitPrime). Flow offers unparalleled insights into the productivity and efficiency of your dev team. Flow bridges the communication gap between engineering and stakeholders with concrete data.

With this addition, the Pluralsight platform is now Pluralsight Skills. Skills allows you to measure and evolve the skills you need now. You’ll discover which skills you need to succeed, where skill gaps exist, and what you need to work on to reach role mastery.

Pluralsight’s authors are subject-matter experts and industry thought leaders in fields such as cloud, security, mobile, design, data, and more. Their expertise drives a robust and ever-growing library of skill assessments, video courses, interactive courses, and hands-on projects to help you skill up in the technologies that matter to you—and your career.

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