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Gaining IT certifications can help your team validate their skills and advance their careers. Providing them this opportunity through Pluralsight Skills increases job satisfaction, helps you retain the top talent, and builds your team in the skills that matter.

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Encourage certification

Help your team stay on top of their game and boost their credentials by encouraging them to pursue certifications aligned with their roles. Point them to certifications paths and exam preparation to explore what certifications paths are available. And let them know how the Certification prep center can help them track their progress.

Consider providing incentives, contests, and recognition to those who complete the Skills prep courses and obtain certification. Celebrating team members when they pass certifications is an easy way to show the direct results of learning and using the certification practice exams available on Skills. Download this email template (.docx download, 1.2MB) to spread the word on your team members' achievement.

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Incorporate certification paths

You can further encourage your team to pursue certifications by building them into the content you curate for them. Including certification paths (opens in new tab) in your company channels and custom roles demonstrates the importance your organization places on skilling up.

Note: Role customization is available on Enterprise plans only.

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