Engaging with priorities

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Priorities allow you to focus on the skills that matter to your organization, helping you and your team achieve their strategic goals and technical objectives.

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Note: A plan admin must create priorities for the team before learners can engage with them.

Finding your organization's priorities

If your organization has created priorities, you can find them on your Channels page. Priorities appear in the left-hand channels navigation below Company channels.

Click on a priority to expand it and see the channel groups it contains. Click on a channel group to then see the individual channels. Your progress in these channels will update as you progress through the content.

  1. List of priorities
  2. Expanded list of channel groups
  3. Name and description of selected priority
  4. Selected channel group and list of channels
  5. Progress bar within respective channel

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Skilling up within a priority

Once you've found the channel groups and their respective channels in your organization's priorities, it's time to start skilling up. Channels can contain paths, video courses, labs, interactive courses, projects, guides, Skill IQ assessments, and external links.

If a channel contains a Skill IQ assessment, take it first to gauge your baseline before engaging in the content. Then periodically reassess to demonstrate your growth in the skills you're learning. And don't forget to retake the assessment when you finish the content in the channel.

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