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Your profile (opens in new tab) highlights your usage, accomplishments, and activity on Pluralsight Skills. From your profile, you can see insights about your learning, set learning goals, connect social media profiles, and set an avatar. You can also see Skill IQ assessments you've taken, courses you're currently learning, and courses you've completed.

To view your profile from the home page, click your name or avatar on the profile widget. To access your profile anytime, click your avatar in the top right corner and then click Profile from the dropdown menu.

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Personalize your profile

Add your avatar

Use Gravatar to host your profile icon. You may already have one if you have a WordPress account.

To add an avatar to your Profile:

  1. Go to your profile (opens in new tab).
  2. Click Edit profile or click your current avatar.
  3. Click Update Gravatar image. This will direct you to Gravatar's website (external site, opens in new tab).
  4. If you already have a Gravatar account, log in with WordPress.
    • If your WordPress email is the same as your primary Pluralsight email, choose an existing picture or add a new image and confirm your choice.
    • If your WordPress email is different from your primary Pluralsight email, add your primary Pluralsight email to your Gravatar account before setting a profile image. You will need to verify your email to complete this step.
  5. If you don't have a Gravatar account associated with your primary Pluralsight email, create a free WordPress account using your primary email address and upload a profile picture.

Find additional help on the Gravatar help page (external site, opens in new tab).

Note: It may take up to a day for your updated Gravatar to appear on your Pluralsight profile.

Additional personalization to your profile

On your profile page (opens in new tab), there are several ways you can further personalize your profile.

Screenshot of user profile with links to Interests, Knowledge areas, Authors following, and Share.
  1. Add and edit your interests. Click the Interests link to choose the areas you want to focus on during your Skills learning journey. This will help us recommend content that is most relevant to your interests. You can also rank these interests in order of priority and choose how proficient you are in each skill. You can edit your interests at any time.
  2. Add and edit your Knowledge areas. If you’re on a team plan, you can click the Knowledge areas link to search for and select areas in which you feel most knowledgeable. You’ll receive email notifications whenever learners in your organization post Q&A questions that match your knowledge areas. See our Q&A article to learn more.
  3. View and edit authors you follow. If you’ve followed any course authors, you'll see a list of these authors at the top of your profile.

Tip: To follow an author, click their name on the course details page of one of their courses and click Follow.

  1. Share your profile. Click Share to share your profile to your favorite social media platform or copy a shareable link. If your profile is set to private, you’ll be prompted to make your profile public first. You can modify your profile’s privacy in more detail in your privacy settings.

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See your activity insights

Your profile provides insights into several different areas of your Skills learning activities, including:

  • View time: Includes video courses only. Any course progress on mobile or desktop apps will be added to your view time once you sync the app.
  • Learning streaks: Calculated based on consecutive days of activity.
  • Weekly goal: Monitors your weekly progress on a learning goal.
  • Most viewed subjects: Highlights the subjects you've engaged with most.
Screenshot of activity insights on the Profile page: Total view time, Learning streaks, Weekly goal, and most viewed subject.

Below activity insights, you'll find areas to display your badges, Skill IQ progress, courses you're currently learning, and completed courses.

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Set your privacy controls

For many, learning on Pluralsight can be a valuable community-building activity. At the same time, we understand the value of privacy. You have full control of your profile, whether you want it to be a showcase for your achievements or a private record of your learning progress.

To set your privacy settings:

  1. Go to your profile (opens in new tab).
  2. Click Edit profile or click your avatar.
  3. Scroll down to the Profile privacy section.
  4. Choose Private or Public from the dropdown menu.
    1. If you choose to make your profile public, you can modify each tile's visibility on your profile. Click the globe icon next to a tile name to make that tile public, or click the padlock icon to make the tile private.
  5. Click Save privacy settings.

Tip: On your profile (opens in new tab), use the eye icon next to each section of your profile to make that section private or public. Click View as public to see how your profile appears to public viewers.

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If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.