Promotion FAQ

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Sometimes, Pluralsight Skills and ACG offer promotional pricing for individual subscriptions. This article answers the most common questions about promotions and how they work for new and existing customers.

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General questions

What information will the Support team need to help me?

When filling out the Support contact form, include the following information in your request:

  • Primary email address of your Pluralsight account
  • Date of purchase
  • Purchase amount
  • Purchase method (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.)
  • Screenshots of error messages, where applicable

Providing this information in your initial request helps Support work through your issue as efficiently as possible.

If I purchase the promo, will my account renew at the same price?

Yes – In most cases, your subscription will renew automatically at the same price as long as the subscription is active. If you decide to cancel your subscription or turn off automatic renewal and then re-subscribe, you’ll be charged the current subscription price.

I signed up for a trial. Will the promo apply to my price if I choose to keep my subscription?

Yes – your trial will receive the promotional price if you sign up for the trial during the promotion. You’ll receive the promotional price even if your trial ends after the promotional window has closed.

How much will I pay with the discount?

To see current subscription rates, visit the Pluralsight Pricing page (opens in new tab). Please note, depending on your location, you may be charged taxes and fees that will affect your final payment amount.

I missed the promo. Can I still get the cheaper price?

No – Pluralsight promotions are only honored during a specific window. Sign up for the Pluralsight newsletter (opens in new tab) for the latest news and promotions.

I don’t see any promotions running right now. Can you tell me when the next one will happen?

Pluralsight doesn’t publish a list of future promotions, but you can sign up for the Pluralsight newsletter (opens in new tab) for the latest news and promotions.

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Checkout and purchase

My card was declined or rejected, but I know I have funds to cover my purchase.

There may be other reasons you are being prevented from purchasing. Contact Support for assistance with card declines. Repeated failed attempts to checkout may result in an automated lockout.

I received a message of “unable to change subscription at this time.”

This is most likely due to you having a legacy subscription that is already discounted. If you want to use the current promotion, you’ll need to contact Support to have your current subscription terminated. Once terminated, legacy subscriptions cannot be reinstated.

I was charged the wrong price for the promotion.

Pluralsight is required to collect taxes and fees, where applicable. All discounts are applied before taxes and fees, which are assessed from the discounted price. The taxes and fees are then added to the discounted price for your purchase total.

If you believe you’ve been charged the wrong price, first check your purchase invoice for taxes and fees. You should receive an email with a link to your invoice after purchase.

If you can’t find the invoice in your email inbox, you can find it in your Pluralsight account. To access your invoice in Pluralsight:

  1. Log in to your Pluralsight Skills account.
  2. Click your avatar or monogram and then click Account settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Subscriptions & Billing.
  4. Click View Payment History.
  5. Click Payment history and then click on the PDF icon for the purchase during the promotion.
  6. Review the subtotal/total section at the bottom of your invoice.

Subtotal calculation from invoice with discount

If the discount doesn’t appear before the subtotal, contact Support.

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Current subscribers

I’m already a subscriber. Can I renew early to get the promotional discount?

Yes – If you purchase during a promotional period, your current subscription will be extended.

I want to upgrade my existing subscription to Premium for the promotional price.

If you are interested in upgrading your subscription to Premium, contact Support. They may be able to provide a prorated refund if you are upgrading before your renewal date.

I subscribed to Pluralsight Skills a few months ago. Can I get refunded the difference now that the price is lower for the same subscription?

No – the promotional price can’t be retroactively applied for existing subscriptions.

I have an existing subscription that renewed during the promotional period. Why is the price not lower?

Promotions are applied to new subscriptions only.

I purchased a subscription during a previous promotion. If I buy during the current promo, will it combine with my current discount?

No – Promotions cannot be combined.

I’m on a business plan. Can I use the promotion, too?

Promotions are intended for individual customers. Reach out to your Pluralsight Sales contact for more information about pricing available to your team.

I can’t remember my password to add the promo to my existing account.
I purchased a subscription during the last promotion that I’m still using. Do I need to go through checkout again to purchase a new promotion to keep my current price?

No – Your subscription will renew automatically at the promotional price you last opted into.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.