Pull request comments API

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A pull request comment is a comment made by a user related to a specific pull request.

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Supported requests

Get a list of pull request comments: https://flow.pluralsight.com/v3/customer/core/pull_request_comments/


iddoubleUnique identifier for a pull request comment.
user_alias_iddoubleUnique identifier assigned to an user alias.
user_alias_id__indoubleMultiple user_alias_ids in comma separated list.
apex_user_iddoubleUnique identifier for the main user record for multiple user aliases that is associated with a PR comment.
apex_user_id__indoubleMultiple user_alias_ids in comma separated list.
pull_request_iddoubleUnique identifier for the pull request.
bodystringPull request comment body.
word_countstringTotal number of words in comment.
comment_robustnessstringHow robust the comment is, indicated by robuts, regular, trivial.
is_extension_commentbooleanReturns true if the comment is a follow-on comment (a second consecutive comment made by the same author).
parent_iddoubleUnique identifier of parent pull request comment.
reaction_timedoubleIn seconds, the time it takes to respond to the comment.
created_atdoubleDate and time comment was created.
updated_atdoubleDate and time comment was updated.
is_replybooleanReturns true if the comment was made in reply to another comment.
was_influentialbooleanReturns true if the comment resulted in the submitter adding a follow_on_commit.
comment_typestringType of comment.

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