Pull request events API

Tags: Flow

A pull request event is an event about a pull request such as a comment or an approval.  It is supplied to Flow by the vendor.

Supported request

Get a list of pull request events: https://flow.pluralsight.com/v3/customer/core/pull_request_events/


iddoubleUnique identifier for an event.
user_alias_iddoubleUnique identifier assigned to an user alias.
user_alias_id__indoubleMultiple user_alias_ids in comma separated list.
apex_user_iddoubleUnique identifier for the main user record for multiple user aliases that is associated with a PR event.
apex_user_id__indoubleMultiple user_alias_ids in comma separated list.
pull_request_iddoubleUnique identifier of Pull Request.
to_statestringThe event type.
created_atstringDate and time when the event was created.

Example response

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