Pull request projects

Tags: Flow

A pull request project represents an entity that is the recipient of pull requests. All pull requests are tied to a pull request Project. Typically, all pull request projects are also bound to a repository, which are discovered using a user's credentials.

Supported request

Get a list of pull request projects:



iddoubleUnique identifier for the pull request project.
namestringPull request name.
urlstringURL for the pull request project.
vendor_typestringVendor type.
repo_iddoubleUnique identifier for a repository.
added_by_iddoubleUnique identifier for the person who added the pull request project.
created_atstringDate and time the pull request project was created.
updated_atstringDate and time the pull request project was updated.
integrationstringName of Integration used to import project.
last_processing_success_atstringDate and time of last successful processing.
processing_statusstringProcessing status.

Example response

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