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A pull request represents an author's request to have a set of commits merged into a specific repository branch. Once an author submits a pull request, assigners, reviewers, and approvers can alter its state.

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Supported request

Get a list of pull requests: https://flow.pluralsight.com/v3/customer/core/pull_requests/

Query parameters

Note: Not all query parameters appear in the response. Log into Flow and view the Customer API (opens in new tab) documentation to learn more about specific query parameters and their responses.

iddoubleUnique identifier for the pull request.
titlestringPull request title.
bodystringPull request body.
numberstringNumber of commits.
statestringState of a pull request.
vendorstringSource where a pull request originates.
urlstringURL of the pull request.
project_iddoubleUnique identifier for a project.
closed_atstringDate/time a pull request was closed.
closed_by_iddoubleUnique identifier of PR closer.
additionsdoubleNumber of items added to pull request.
deletionsdoubleNumber of items deleted from the pull request.
commit_shasstringUnique identifiers associated with a commit.
merged_by_iddoubleUnique identifier for the person who merged the pull request.
extracted_tagsstringAn array of extracted tags.
merge_commit_shastringUnique identifier for the merge commit.
created_atstringDate/time the pull request was created.
created_by_iddoubleUnique identifier for the person who created the pull request.
approversstringAn array of author_id values for a pull request.
assigneesstringAn array of author_id values for a pull request. Filter-traversable object.
reviewersstringAn array of author_id values for a pull request. Filter-traversable object.
user_alias_iddoubleUnique identifier assigned to an user alias. PR creator
user_alias_id__indoubleMultiple user_alias_ids in comma separated list.
apex_user_iddoubleUnique identifier for the main user record for multiple user aliases. Creator of PR.
apex_user_id__indoubleMultiple apex_user_ids in comma separated list.
coding_timedoubleTotal coding time.
review_timedoubleTotal review time.
pr_startstringDate/time the pull request was opened.
pr_endstringDate/time the pull request was merged/closed.
activity_levelstringHow active the pull request, indicated by low, medium or high.
activity_level_indexdoubleAn index that describes how active the conversation on this PR is. It is based on # of recent comments and size of the PR.
time_to_resolvedoubleHow long it took to resolve a PR in hours.
hunk_countdoubleNumber of files in the pull request.
comment_countdoubleNumber of comments.
first_comment_atstringDate/time first comment was made.
total_halocdoubleTotal lines of code.
total_impactdoubleTotal impact number.
intial_commit_countdoubleNumber of commits when pull request was opened.
reply_commit_countdoubleNumber of commits made in reply to a comment.
reviewer_countdoubleNumber of reviewers.
follow_on_commit_countdoubleNumber of follow on commits.
follow_on_hunk_countdoubleNumber of follow on files added.
reviewer_comment_countdoubleNumber of reviewer comments.

Example response

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