Pull requests

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A pull request represents an author's request to have a set of commits merged into a specific repository branch. Once an author submits a pull request, other users (assigners, reviewers, and approvers) can alter its state.

Supported request

Get a list of pull requests:



iddoubleUnique identifier for the pull request.
titlestringPull request title.
bodystringPull request body.
numberstringNumber of commits.
statestringState of a pull request.
vendorstringSource where a pull request originates.
urlstringURL of the pull request.
project_iddoubleUnique identifier for a project.
closed_atstringDate/time a pull request was closed.
closed_by_iddoubleUnique identifier of PR closer.
additionsdoubleNumber of items added to pull request.
deletionsdoubleNumber of items deleted from the pull request.
commit_shasstringUnique identifiers associated with a commit.
merged_by_iddoubleUnique identifier for the person who merged the pull request.
extracted_tagsstringAn array of extracted tags.
merge_commit_shastringUnique identifier for the merge commit.
created_atstringDate/time the pull request was created.
created_by_iddoubleUnique identifier for the person who created the pull request.
approversstringAn array of author_id values for a pull request.
assigneesstringAn array of author_id values for a pull request. Filter-traversable object.
reviewersstringAn array of author_id values for a pull request.  Filter-traversable object.
user_alias_iddoubleUnique identifier assigned to an user alias. PR creator
user_alias_id__indoubleMultiple user_alias_ids in comma separated list.
apex_user_iddoubleUnique identifier for the main user record for multiple user aliases. Creator of PR.
apex_user_id__indoubleMultiple apex_user_ids in comma separated list.
coding_timedoubleTotal coding time.
review_timedoubleTotal review time.
pr_startstringDate/time the pull request was opened.
pr_endstringDate/time the pull request was merged/close.
activity_levelstringHow active the pull request, indicated by low, medium or high.
activity_level_indexdoubleAn index that describes how active the conversation on this PR is.  It is based on # of recent comments and size of the PR.
time_to_resolvedoubleHow long it took to resolve a PR in hours.
hunk_countdoubleNumber of files in the pull request.
comment_countdoubleNumber of comments.
first_comment_atstringDate/time first comment was made.
total_halocdoubleTotal lines of code.
total_impactdoubleTotal impact number.
intial_commit_countdoubleNumber of commits when pull request was opened.
reply_commit_countdoubleNumber of commits made in reply to a comment.
reviewer_countdoubleNumber of reviewers.
follow_on_commit_countdoubleNumber of follow on commits.
follow_on_hunk_countdoubleNumber of follow on files added.
reviewer_comment_countdoubleNumber of reviewer comments.

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