Have a technology question and aren't sure who to go to for help? Ask it on Q&A and your question will automatically match to peers in your organization who have the right expertise to assist.

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The Q&A experience allows learners to post questions and get answers from experts in their private organization. With Q&A, you and your peers learn collaboratively.

To get to the Q&A page, click the Q&A icon at the top of every page. Once there, you’ll see four main interaction points:

A.   Ask a private question within your org. Use the gear icon to edit your knowledge areas and notification settings.

B.   Filter questions and answers by topic. Refine your results further with the search filter.

C.   Browse all questions. Those with a Match tag indicate a question that matches your chosen knowledge area. Those with a Resolved tag indicate a question that received a satisfactory answer.

D.   Become a top top contributor by asking and answering questions, commenting, and having your responses marked as helpful.

Note: All Q&A data belongs to the Enterprise plan organization. Learners who leave the plan cannot take their questions or answers with them. If a learner leaves your plan, their questions and answers will remain as resources for people still on the plan.

Using Q&A

Note: If you are a plan admin, you must have a license in order to view and engage with Q&A.

Select your knowledge areas

Before getting started, we recommend selecting your preferred knowledge areas. Knowledge areas are skills and topics in which you feel most confident sharing your expertise. Click the gear icon in the top right corner to select your knowledge areas. You'll then receive an email and in-app notification whenever a question is matched to your knowledge area. You may edit your knowledge areas and notification settings at any time from the gear icon.

Ask a question

Click Ask a private question, then select the knowledge areas for your question in the Topics box. Your question matches to peers based on the knowledge areas you select as well as their Skill IQ.

Other actions

Edit: To edit a question after submitting, click the three dot menu and click Edit.

Delete: To delete a question from within the question panel, click the three dot menu and click Delete. Deleted questions and their answers cannot be viewed or recovered. Plan admins can delete any question on the plan.   

Mark as resolved: Once you've found a solution to your question, tag it as resolved to help your peers find answers in the future. To mark a question as resolved from within the question panel, click the three dot menu and click Mark as resolved

Answer a question    

To begin, click into an unresolved question. The topics toggle helps filter these questions by knowledge area by clicking into a question. Once you submit an answer, the peer who created the question receives an email and in-app notification.

Other actions   

Edit: To edit your answer at any time, click the three dot menu next to your answer and click Edit

Delete: To delete your answer, click the three dot menu next to your question and click Delete. Deleted answers cannot be viewed or recovered.

Comment on an answer    

There may be times where further discussion is needed within an answer.  To leave a comment, type it in the comment box below the answer and click Reply.  

Other actions   

Edit: To edit your comment at any time, click the three dot menu next to your answer and click Edit

Delete: To delete a comment, click the three dot menu next to your comment and click Delete. Deleted comments cannot be viewed or recovered.  


Below is a list of default email and in-app notifications for Q&A. You can edit email notification settings from your communication preferences page.

ScenarioEmailIn-App notification
New answer to your questionYesYes
Question posted in your knowledge areaYesYes
Reminder for unanswered questionsNoNo
Deleted/solved questionsNoNo
New comment on your answer or comment thread you're part ofNoYes

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