Questions about downloading courses on Pluralsight's iOS and Android apps

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Q: Can I download courses to an SD card in the Pluralsight Android app?

A: With Android app version 2.4.23, you can now choose the location for where your courses are downloaded on your device. 

To do this, navigate to the profile page. Tap Download location. This will open a pop up window that will let you decide where to download courses to. Please note that all courses will be downloaded in the same location.

Q: Why do I get an error when trying to download courses?

A: If you are getting an error when trying to download courses, please confirm that you have an active Pluralsight Skills subscription by visiting your Subscription & Billing page. If you have recently upgraded your subscription and you're not able to download courses, please log out of the app and log back in to sync your subscription level.

If you’re on the iOS app, make sure your Wi-Fi Assist is turned off through your iOS settings (Settings > Cellular > Wi-Fi Assist, all the way at the bottom of the page).

If you cannot download or view any material on a wi-fi connection, try to play the videos through a browser.  If you run into the same trouble, investigate if your network is blocking our videos through these steps here.

Q: If I view a course offline on the Pluralsight iOS app, will it appear as "viewed" in my account?

A: Yes! In order to sync any offline viewing/usage with your account, a user will need to launch the app while connected to the Internet. This will sync any offline usage with your account and will make modules appear as "viewed" on your account. Be sure to not to remove the download or the progress will not be saved.

Q: Is there a way to access the downloaded course video files in the Pluralsight iOS app?

A: No. The actual video files that get downloaded to your device are not accessible to the user. You can only play the videos through the Pluralsight mobile app.

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