Mobile and offline systems support

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This table shows Pluralsight's mobile and streaming options. All our apps can be downloaded from our downloads page (opens in new tab).

PlatformCompatibilityOffline viewing
Mobile apps and web-based streaming options
iOS (external site, opens in new tab)iOS 15+
Android (external site, opens in new tab)Android 7+
Amazon Fire (external site, opens in new tab)Android 7+
Chromecast from the Android & iOS apps (external site, opens in new tab)
Desktop apps
Windows offline player (opens in new tab)Windows 7+
macOS (opens in new tab)macOS 12+
TV apps
Apple TV HD and 4K models (external site, opens in new tab)tvOS 13.2+
Amazon Fire TV, including Fire TV Stick (external site, opens in new tab)Android 7+

For a full list of features available on our iOS and Android mobile apps, see our mobile features article.

For information about what browsers we recommend using, please visit our browsers and operating systems article.

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