Release notes September 2019

Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight platform. You can find an ongoing feed of all courses we release on our Twitter feed, @allthecourses.



  • You’ll notice visual improvements to your Learning Streaks found on your Profile. Now you’ll gain more visibility into your current and monthly learning streaks.

Role IQ

  • Now you can take skill assessment retakes from within Role IQ. You can view your retakes on your role detail page. Click here for more information. 

Conference keynotes and panels

  • Paid Pluralsight subscribers now have access to select industry conferences through the Conferences tab on the Paths page. You can explore emerging trends and stay in-the-know on what’s new in software development, data, security, IT Ops, and more with access to today’s most in-demand tech conferences.

Securing your account

  • Add more security to your account by enabling multi-factor authentication -- here’s how. This allows you to use a third-party app to verify your identity when logging in to Pluralsight.

Streaming video courses just got better: 

  • For all video courses, clips now autoplay by default if your browser allows, and there’s less clutter on the video course page. Plus, you’ll experience less buffering because the video player now automatically detects and adjusts to your available bandwidth. You can still manually set the video quality to your choosing.

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Plan admin & team manager

Managing your plan

  • If a user had a Pluralsight account before joining a group plan, it wasn't straightforward what steps they should take. Now, when you invite your users that previously had subscriptions to your business plan, these users will receive guidance and troubleshooting steps specific to their needs. This allows users to join your plan and get started with Pluralsight even faster. 

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Mobile & offline apps


  • Are you using your mobile device on your organization's Pluralsight plan? Now in Channels, you can find all your organization's Company channels, and join, share, or leave them.

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