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Note: When you remove a learner, their Pluralsight account will remain intact, including their course history, profile settings, and any personal channels they have created. If—in the future—you re-invite them to the plan, they join another organization’s team plan, or they get their own individual subscription, they'll retain access to their account, as long as they still have access to one of the email addresses associated with it. For this reason, we recommend that users add a personal email in addition to their primary email address.

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To remove learners from your Skills team plan:

  1. Click the Directory tab on the People page (opens in new tab).
  2. Select the checkbox for one or more learners.
  3. Click Actions, then click Remove from plan from the dropdown menu.
  4. To confirm the action, click Remove users.

A removed learner still has access to their account, but not the team plan. They can access their course transcript and history since it's part of their account and not contingent on the plan.

A learner's account will remain tied to the team plan until a plan admin removes it, or until the learner asks Pluralsight Support to remove it. Learners can buy an individual subscription and continue learning with their account. However, they cannot buy an individual subscription if their account is still tied to a team plan, even if that plan has expired.

Some analytics show learner data from before the learner joined the plan, or even after the learner leaves the plan. Learn more about how analytics data follows learners.

For additional information on what happens when a user is removed from a plan, see Pluralsight Skills individual accounts and team plans.

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