How do I add or remove licenses on a Pluralsight Skills business plan? How do I renew my business subscription?

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How to add or remove licenses on a Pluralsight Skills business plan

If you’re a plan admin and would like to add licenses on your business plan, go to and click Manage subscription. Request the licenses you’d like to add on the following page.

Note: Your sales rep may need to reach out to you before your license request can be fulfilled.

If you're a plan admin and you'd like to remove licenses on your business plan, please contact your dedicated sales rep. Locate your sales rep’s contact information by clicking Account in the left pane navigation menu and scrolling down to the Pluralsight contact section.

If you have trouble getting in touch with the sales rep listed on your account, contact

How to renew a business subscription

Tip: You must be a plan administrator to renew a business subscription. You can renew through our site as long as your plan includes fewer than 1,000 licenses and the expiration date is within one calendar year.

To renew the business subscription through our site, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Account link in the left pane navigation.
  2. Click Manage Subscription.
  3. Click Renew
  4. Proceed with the checkout process.

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