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You can tag repos to quickly view reports for a certain app, team, or other subsections you define yourself. You can add as many tags you would like and repos can also belong to multiple tags.

Once you have created your repo tags, from any report, you may use the tags to quickly view the reports for that group of repos. Using the Repos filter, click on a tag to view the reports for that group of repos. Then click Apply filter to view the results.

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Adding and removing tags using the Actions menu

On your Flow home page, go to the top navigation bar and click Settings. Using the left navigation under Integrations, click Repos.

This page contains all of your Imported repos. To add a repo tag, select the repo(s) you want to add a tag to and click Add tags in the Actions dropdown.

In the Add tags modal, search for your desired tag or type in a new one to create a new tag, then click Save. This will add the tag to your selected repos

Remove tags using the drop down bulk options menu

Select the repo(s) you want to remove tags from and click Remove tags from the Actions drop down menu. Search for the tag(s) you want to remove and click Save.

Note: If you want to delete any repo tags that are not being used you can select the Remove unused tags. This will permanently delete the tags.

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Creating and removing tags on individual repos

From the repos page, click on the repo you want to add a tag to. In the Tags section, you can see the repo’s associated tags. You can create a new tag by typing in a new tag name in the search bar and clicking on the option that best matches what you're looking for.

Removing tags on an individual repo

Remove a tag or multiple tags from a repository by clicking on the repo you want to remove tags from. In the Tags section, you can see the repo’s associated tags. Remove one or multiple tags by clicking the x next to the tag name. After removing the repo tag, the page will reload and you will no longer see the tag in the tag list.

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