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Report preferences allow you to customize the appearance of your reports and report filters based on your organizational needs. Below is an overview of each available report customization.

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Setting report timezone

You can see timestamps in your emails and Flow reports. Setting the timezone provides the correct timestamps for both emails and reports. 

To set the timezone:

  1. Under Settings, click Messages in the left navigation. 

  2. Click the Personal settings tab.

  3. Under Email preferences, select the desired timezone.

  4. Click Save changes.

Now your reports and emails will have the correct timezone. Changing the timezone does not affect anyone else in your Flow organization.

Configuration permissions

  1. In order to modify your Report preferences you will need the Configurations permission. If you already have this permission you can navigate to the Settings menu then click Configurations.
  2. Once on the Configurations page, there are four tabs. Click on the Report preferences tab. From there, set the configurations as reviewed in the rest of this article.

Repo picker

The Repo picker report preference gives you the ability to show or hide the repo group associated with each repo in the repo drop down menu in your reports. This is turned on by default.

Show Groups On

Show Groups Off

Edit default chart options

Chart options allows you to set the default setting for industry benchmark metrics for each Fundamentals report. If the Chart options is toggled off, the benchmark will not appear in the report. Read more about industry benchmarks

To set the Chart options:

  1. Toggle the Chart options on or off for each Fundamentals report. 
  2. Then click Save changes in the lower right hand corner. 

You can view the Benchmark option under the Show filter for the Code fundamentals, Submit fundamentals, and Review fundamentals reports. 

If you want to view the benchmark, they can use the Show filter in the Fundamentals report to select Benchmarks.  This will not affect the default setting set by Chart options.

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