How to create a reporting group

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Keep your teams organized by making a Reporting Group. A Reporting Group is a cohort of learners that you can define within the admin dashboard for tracking and reporting purposes. You can create multiple Reporting Groups, and even assign individual learners to more than one Reporting Group as needed. Follow the steps below to get started.

Creating a reporting group

  1. Click Reports from your navigation bar, then click Reporting Groups from the dropdown menu. This will bring you to the main reporting dashboard.
  2. Click Create Reporting Group to get started.
  3. Give your group a name, and description. Then, select your color scheme preference.
  4. Click Create Group when finished. This will take you back to your Reporting Groups dashboard. You should see your new group listed at the top.

Adding students to reporting groups

  1. Click Open to the right of your reporting group.
  2. Click + Add Studentsto populate an upload screen. You can add multiple learners to the upload screen before closing the window.
    Important: If a learner has not yet responded to their invitation and created their account, you won’t be able to add them.

You have now successfully created a Reporting Group. You can always edit your group’s details or add more users after a Reporting Group is created by choosing the Open or Edit options from the main Reporting Groups dashboard.

For more information on your reporting options, check out the Using your reporting options article.

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