Repos API

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A repository is a representation of a source control repository that has been discovered by Flow using a set of user credentials. Once a repository is discovered, it is then tied to a pull request project.

Supported request

Get a list of repositories:


iddoubleUnique identifier for a repository.
namestringName of a repository.
urlstringRepository URL.
added_bystringUnique identifier of user who added the repository.
updated_atstringDate and time a repo was updated.
vendor_typestringVendor type where the repository is installed.
audit_created_atstringDate and time the repository audit was created.
added_by_iddoubleUnique identifier of user who added the repository.
is_privatebooleanTrue indicates the repository is private.
blockedbooleanTrue indicates the repository is blocked.
youngest_commit_datestringDate and time of newest commit.
oldest_commit_datestringDate and time of oldest commit.
last_fully_updated_atstringDate and time repo was last updated.
last_fetch_failure_reasonstringLast fetch failure reason.
public_keystringPublic key for repository.
ignore_liststringExcluded files, folders and directories.
staff_access_expires_atstringDate and time staff access expires.
tagsstringAn array of tags.
skip_hexshasstringAn array of hexshas to skip.
created_atstringDate and time a repo was created.
integration_iddoubleUnique identifier for an integration.
metastringUnused field.
commit_urlstringURL of the commit.
progress_statusstringRepo updating progress status.
descriptionstringRepo description.
fetches_failing_sincestringDate and time repo stopped processing.
last_processing_success_atstringDate and time of last successful processing.
last_failure_or_success_atstringDate and time of last processing attempt.
web_urlstringRepo web URL.
clean_urlstringClean repo URL.
sortable_statestringSortable repo state for filters. 0=blocked, 1=fetch_failues, 2=good
owner_namestringGroup/org owner of repo.
owner_vendor_iddoubleVendor ID.

Example response

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