Repository processing statuses

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Once you have connected your repos to Flow, your repos will need to fully process, then every 2-3 hours they will be placed into the updating queue. Below are the different statuses you may see in this updating process. 

1. Last Updated - Never

Until your repositories are fully processed for the first time, their date will be Never. If you are just getting started with Flow, the reports will not load until at least one repo has been fully processed. Processing a repo can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size and contents. Read more on repo processing time.

2. Fetching

Fetching next to a repo, indicates your repo is being prepped to update, and all your new data is being fetched for processing. 

3. Processing Commits

If you see Processing commits this means your repo is actively being updated. It will stay in this state for a few hours during initial processing and depending on the number of recent commits, it could be in this state anywhere 5-30 minutes. 

4. Reprocessing Pending

Once Flow brings your repo data into the system, it needs to run some preprocessing on the data to clean it up and get it in shape for reports. This preprocessing runs every two hours.

If you see a “refresh” icon next to its last updated date, the repository is pending reprocessing. You can find the Last reprocess time at the top of the repo page. If your commit data seems off, allow time for reprocessing and check back later.    

5. Updated

Once your repos have been updated, you will see a new Last Updated time/date. As seen below, these two repos were updated recently. 

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