Request URL in the Flow API

Tags: Flow

The request URL is a string representing the URL of the request. The URL syntax looks like:

[protocol]://[hostname][api version][customer/core][object][parameter(s)]


  • Protocol is the network protocol used to make the request. For security reasons, requests to the Flow API must always use the https protocol.
  • Hostname is the IP address or URL for the Flow application. If you’re using an on-premise version of Flow, this is something other than
  • API version refers to the version of the API being accessed.
  • /customer/core is always the same.
  • Object is the resource in the Flow API from which you want to extract data. Examples are users, commits, and targets. See customer API for the complete list.
  • Parameter(s) are the filters you use to extract a specific result, such as an Id, or a query parameter to restrict the result to a specific set of data. Parameter passing follows the widely used ?key=value&pattern.

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