Retired skill assessments

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Pluralsight Skills updates our skill assessments on a regular basis. We retire or version assessments based on certain criteria.

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What happened to the skill assessment and my Skill IQ score?

We retire an assessment in one of two ways:

  • Replacing multiple assessments by combining them into one
  • Ending the assessment in its entirety

Based on these options, the initial assessment you took could affect your Skill IQ. If an assessment combines into a new assessment, you'll need to take the new assessment to receive a new Skill IQ. If an assessment retires and is not replaced, you'll continue to see your score. You'll also receive a message that states the assessment has retired.

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What does it mean when an assessment is in beta?

We version an assessment when questions need to be updated. It will move back into beta and remain there until the assessment gets updated. The validation period between assessments can take between a day or a few months depending on the traffic. You'll need to retake the assessment once it is out of beta to receive a new Skill IQ.

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Which skill assessments have changed?

Below is a current list of retired assessments along with their replacements.

Retired AssessmentReplacement Assessment
AngularBuilding Web Applications with Angular
Application Development on Microsoft AzureApplication Development on Microsoft Azure
BootstrapStyling the Web with Bootstrap
C++C++ Language Fundamentals and Best Practices
Cloud ComputingCloud Computing Fundamentals
Continuous Delivery and DevOps with Azure DevOpsContinuous Delivery on Azure for DevOps Engineers
Data Integration with Microsoft SSISData Integration with Microsoft SSIS
Data Structures in RProgramming Data Structures in R
DjangoBuilding Web Applications with Django
DockerManaging Docker in Production
Elastic Stack Security FundamentalsElastic Stack Fundamentals
Ethical HackingEthical Hacking
FlaskBuilding Web Applications with Flask
FlutterBuild Mobile Web Applications with Flutter
GoGo Core Language
GitHubCollaborative Coding With Github
GoGo Core Language
Google Cloud ArchitectArchitecting with Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure
  • Incident Response and Handling
  • Incident Response Collection and Analysis
Incident Response
JavaJava Fundamentals
JavaScriptJavaScript Core Language
jQueryBuilding Dynamic Websites with jQuery
  • Kotlin: App and Data Storage
  • Kotlin: App Fundamentals
  • Kotlin: Enhancing the App Experience
Developing Android Applications with Kotlin
Node.jsWorking with Node.js
PHPPHP Development Fundamentals
PuppetConfiguration Management Using Puppet
PythonPython Core Language
Querying Data with SQL from PostgreSQLQuerying Data with SQL from PostgreSQL
ReactBuilding Web Applications with React
Security Event TriageSecurity Event Triage
Server Maintenance FundamentalsServer Maintenance Fundamentals
TypescriptTypescript Core Language
Understanding DevOpsDevOps Foundations
VueBuilding Web Apps with Vue
Web AccessibilityDeveloping Websites for Accessibility

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