Review fundamentals

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Review fundamentals show team leads and managers how engineers and teams behave when they review code. The review fundamentals provide the ability to run longer-term trends and key metrics at the organization and team levels. 

You can compare metrics against configurable targets. These targets can be defined at the organization, team and individual levels.

Learn about review fundamentals metrics. 

How do I use review fundamentals?

Team leads, managers, and executives can use review fundamentals to view code review trends over time. 

  1. Use the filters to select the repo, team, items, and date range you want to view in the metrics. View of all users is the filter’s default. Get a sense of your organization's data as a whole and scroll down to get a view of each teams' average as you click each tile above.

  2. Shows you the reaction time, involvement, influence, and review coverage metrics. You can select a metric and view its details in the bar graph.

  3. Shows the average for each metric over the selected period. A trend will only be displayed if there are more than four complete (Mon-Sun) weeks selected.

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How do I view a team's review fundamentals?

Below the review fundamentals graph is a team-by-team view showing the average for each team. Click into a team to see the sub teams or individual contributors on that team.

  1. Use the search to find a particular team.

  2. Click on a team to view other Flow reports and metrics.

  3. Use the Show rows filter to select the number of rows you want to view.

Filter teams by metrics and team name. You can filter metrics high to low or low to high and filter teams alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. 

Click a team to view their review fundamentals metrics. 

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How do I view a contributor’s review fundamentals?

View the contributors on the team at the bottom of the team’s review fundamentals page.

 Select a contributor to view their specific review fundamentals details. 

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