Reviewer fundamentals

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Note: Reviewer fundamentals is only available for Flow Enterprise Server users.

Reviewer fundamentals shows team leads and managers how engineers and teams behave when they review code. Reviewer fundamentals provides the ability to run long-term trends and key metrics at the organization, team, and individual levels.

Use this report to compare Review metrics against configurable targets. These targets can be defined at the organization, team, and individual levels.

Review metrics include:

  • Time to first comment
  • Reaction time
  • Involvement
  • Influence
  • Review coverage

Note: Reviewer fundamentals only shows data based on merged PRs.

Learn about Review metrics.

Using Reviewer fundamentals

Team leads, managers, and executives can use Reviewer fundamentals to view code review trends over time.

Use the filters at the top of the report to select the repo, date range, team, and items you want to view in the report. View all users to get a sense of your organization's data as a whole.

The metrics tiles show your Reaction time, Involvement, Influence, and Review coverage metrics.

Select a metric to view more details in the bar graph.

The bar graph shows the average for each metric over the selected period. The graph shows trends if your date rancew includes four or more Monday to Sunday weeks.

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Viewing a team's Reviewer fundamentals

Below the Reviewer fundamentals graph shows the average metrics for each team. Click a team to see that team’s nested teams and individual contributors.

  1. Use the search bar to find a particular team.
  2. Use the menu to filter teams by metrics and team name.
  3. Use the Show rows filter to select the number of rows you want to view.
  4. Use the Sort filter to sort teams alphabetically and sort metrics by volume.

Click a team to view that team’s Reviewer fundamentals metrics.

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Viewing a contributor’s Reviewer fundamentals

View a team’s contributors at the bottom of that team’s Reviewer fundamentals page.

Click a contributor to view their specific Reviewer fundamentals details.

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