Review collaboration report

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Who can use this?

Review collaboration helps you identify reviewer and submitter activities in your code review process. This report helps you improve your team’s processes and collaboration to get PRs merged quickly. Review collaboration offers metrics to provide insights into how well a team is working together and where they may need help. 

Team leads, managers, and scrum masters can:

  • View team collaboration and responsiveness trends and use them during retrospectives.
  • Use metrics to address responsiveness and reaction time.
  • Reduce wait time for feedback to improve flow efficiency.
  • See where the team may need help in collaboration and time to close PRs.

Find Review collaboration in the left navigation under Team processes.

View submitter and reviewer metrics

Review collaboration provides pull request data on team collaboration and responsiveness within the code review process. Use the submitter and reviewer metrics to see how well your team is collaborating in PRs. 

Note: Review collaboration only considers merged PRs when calculating metrics.

You can also use these metrics during a sprint to see if your team is improving their trends sprint over sprint. Learn more about Submit metrics and Review metrics

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How can I see who is reviewing submitted code?

Review collaboration maps submitter and reviewer activity to show who is collaborating on PRs. See who is reviewing whose PRs and gauge how your team is collaborating. For example, you might expect your senior engineers to do a lot of reviewing. 

You can also gain insight into your team’s dynamic. For example, you might watch for people who continuously partner up and review each other's work without helping the rest of the team. Use this data to open conversations and improve your team’s collaboration and knowledge sharing practices. 

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How can I view an individual’s collaboration data?

Click on a user’s name to view their individual collaboration data. See who is working well together and who might need a nudge to review someone’s code. Check if PRs are being merged without review. 

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