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Review workflow provides an overview of your team’s PRs. Use Review workflow to discuss PR activity and potentially problematic PRs during your team meetings.

Who can use this?



What is Review workflow for?

Use Review workflow to:

  • Review your team’s workflow before your daily standup.
  • Identify unreviewed and long-running PRs.
  • Identify complex PRs or PRs that were merged without review.
  • Check in on your team during a sprint.
  • See which PRs are open, merged, closed, or deleted during retrospectives.

How do I use Review workflow?

Use Review workflow to see trends and work habits around PRs. See which PRs opened and closed quickly, which PRs have stayed open for long periods of time, and which PRs do or don’t have comments.

Tip: To quickly identify the current review status of PRs, note the color of each PR in the report. Blue PRs are reviewed and yellow PRs are unreviewed. Gray PRs are closed or deleted, regardless of review status, since most Flow metrics exclude closed and deleted PRs.

To use Review workflow.

  1. Click Reports in Flow’s top navigation.
  2. In the left navigation under Reports, click Review workflow.
  3. Use Flow’s top filter to customize Review workflow and find the pull requests relevant to you. Filter by teams, nested teams, repos, date range, and current PR status. Current PR status filters PRs from All, Opened, Merged, Deleted, or Closed.

    Tip: Set the date range to match your team’s sprint to view all PRs open within the sprint. This includes PRs that were open before the selected timeframe and remain open during the timeframe.

  4. Click a PR to view its details. Pin the PR details to take a closer look.

Filter PRs in Review workflow

Use the Sort by dropdown menu to filter PRs by size and activity level to see which PRs need attention or help with progress.

See if PRs are meeting the expected timelines, which PRs have a lot of comments, which PRs need review, and other areas where your team needs help. Use this data to open conversations with your team and collaborate with them to improve problem areas.

PR activity level is a measure of how active a pull request is. PR activity is calculated by the comment count, word length, and recency of the comment.

PR activity is measured on a scale of:

  • None
  • Low
  • Modest
  • Normal
  • Elevated
  • High

PR size measures a PR’s total lines of code. Small PRs have fewer than 13 lines of code. Medium PRs have fewer than 151 lines of code. Large PRs have more than 151 lines of code.

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