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Review workflow provides a quick overview of your team’s PRs, and surfaces which PRs might need to be discussed in your team meetings. Use this report as your starting place for an overview of all pull request activity. Hover over a PR to view its details and dive into where your team can improve. Use Review Workflow to find orphaned PRs that have been open for long periods of time, or troublesome PRs that warrant additional attention in your daily standup.

Who can use this?



If you are a team lead or scrum master, use Review Workflow to:

  1. Review your team’s workflow before your daily standup.
  2. Identify unreviewed and long running PRs.
  3. Identify complex PRs or PRs that were merged without review.
  4. Check in on your team during a sprint.

How do I use Review Workflow?

Review Workflow captures the big picture of all PR activity.

PR Activity Level is a measure of how active a pull request is.

PR activity is measured on a scale of:

  • None
  • Low
  • Modest
  • Normal
  • Elevated
  • High

PR activity is calculated by the comment count, word length, and recency of the comment.

Set the timeframe to match your sprint so you can view all PRs that are open within the sprint. This includes PRs that were open before the selected timeframe and continue to remain open during the timeframe.

Navigate to Review Workflow in left navigation under Reports.

  1. Use the top filter to filter by users and teams, nested teams, repo, date range, and current PR status. Current PR status filters PRs from All, Opened, Merged, Deleted, or Closed. Using these filters means you can see exactly which pull requests you're interested in.
  2. Sort and filter PRs to better Review Workflow. Sort and filter PRs by size and activity level to see which PRs need attention and help with progress. You can see if PRs are meeting the expected timelines, which PRs have a lot of comments, which need review, and other areas where your team needs help. Use this data to open conversations with your team and collaborate with them on problem areas.

You can use Review Workflow for retrospectives as well. For retrospectives, you can see why PRs weren’t merged or completed. You can also see which PRs still need review.

You can sort by most activity (scaled) and most activity (raw). Most activity (scaled) is based on PR Activity Level with a built-in decay function, so older comments are scored lower than recent comments. Most activity (raw) is the raw count of comments and follow-on commits

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