Role IQ

Role IQ for learners

What is Role IQ?

Tip: Before we get started, we recommend checking our our articles on Skill IQ assessments. This will help you as you learn about Role IQ.

Available to all learners, Role IQ helps you understand the skills important to your role and how your skills compare. Where Skill IQ measures your individual skills in a given technology, Role IQ combines select skills into a role. Roles are built by our author network, industry leaders, and partners. Feel free to check our all of our roles here.

Role IQ also allows you to:

Define what skills are needed for a particular role

Let's say you're passionate about server administration. Role IQ can help you understand what skills are needed within a particular server administrator role.

Quantify your skills within a role

By taking skill assessments within a role, you can see where your strengths and gaps are within a skill.

Develop your skills to improve your knowledge

You may find that some of your skills could use some improvement. Not to worry - we'll provide you with a plan to help close those gaps in knowledge.

Each role contains 4 levels:

  • Beginner
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

These levels help give you an understanding of where your expertise is within a role. 

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How do I get my Role IQ?

You can get your Role IQ in just a few steps:

1. Choose your role and self-assess your current level

Find all roles on the Role IQ page. Select a role and self-assess what level you are. This will help gauge where you think your current level is give a comparative to what your Role IQ is.

2. Take associated skill assessments within a role

Once you've selected a role, you will see all related skills. You must take all skill assessment to get a Role IQ. Each assessment has around 20 timed questions and will take roughly 10 minutes to complete.

3. Get your Role IQ

Once you get a Role IQ, you'll see your Role IQ level and benchmarks related to each skill. Iris, our machine-learning algorithm, will provide learning recommendations for you based on your gaps in knowledge.

Note: Role IQ cannot be shared on LinkedIn or elsewhere at this time.

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Common questions

Question: I noticed some of the Skill IQ assessments in a role are in beta. What does this mean?
Answer:  Good question! What this means is that we are still validating those particular skill assessments. Since some of these assessments are new, we may need a bit more data to validate. Don't worry though - we will send an email of your Role IQ once ready.

Question: Can I take more than 1 Role IQ?
Answer: Absolutely! You can take as many as you'd like.

Question: I've already taken one or more of the Skill IQs included in a Role IQ. Will these show as already completed?
Answer: Yes. If you've already received a Skill IQ that is part of a Role IQ it will be shown as completed - we won't make you take it again.

Question: My Role IQ is showing a pending status. What does this mean?
Answer: This means that we are still validating and calculating the Role IQ for that particular role.

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