Role IQ for enterprise plan managers and admins

Tip: Before we get started, we recommend checking our articles on skill assessments and the learner Role IQ experience. This will help you as you learn about Role IQ for plan admins and managers.

Role IQ helps you understand the skills important to your learners' roles within your organization. Where Skill IQ helps you understand individual skills in a given technology, Role IQ combines those skills - creating roles that help learners in your organization. On Enterprise plans, both team managers and plan admins can customize and assign roles to learners. Additionally, plan admins can view Role IQ analytics.

Assigning a role

You can assign any role to one or more learners on your team.

To assign a learner to a role:

  1. Locate and click on a role.
  2. Click the Assign Role button.
  3. Enter the learner's name.
  4. Click the Assign role button to finalize. This will add the role to that learner's Role IQ page.

To unassign learners from a role, click your learners avatars to the right of the Assign Role button and unassign any learner in that role. The learner will receive an email notification with the role you assigned.

Customizing a role

Customizing a role allows you to take a role and customize the skills within it to fit your organization. There is no limit to the number of roles you can customize. 

To customize a role:

  1. On your roles page, click a role to start with.
  2. Click the orange Customize this role button. This creates a new copy of the role to customize from.
  3. Type a name for your role and click Continue.
  4. From here, you can customize you role in these ways:
    • Remove any skill using the X on the right.
    • Add skills using the search bar. 
    • Drag and drop to re-order skills within a role.
  5. When done, click Publish to Company at the bottom of the page. This allows learners on your team to see the role from their Role IQ page.

To delete a role you've customized, click the role you wish to delete followed by clicking the options menu to the right of the edit button. Click delete and finalize the deletion when prompted.

Important: As you customize or assign roles, you may come across roles or skills marked BETA. This means we are still validating the skill assessment. Learners can still take skill assessments in beta, but will have a pending Role IQ. 

Once a skill assessment is moved out of beta, the learner must take the assessment again in order to finish their Role IQ.

Role IQ analytics (Plan admins only)

Role IQ analytics gives you insight on how learners in your organization are engaging in their roles. Engagement means the learner selected at least a level in at least one role. Find proficiencies in skills, learners who have started or completed a role, and individualized breakdowns of skills taken.

Roles analytics is updated in real-time but may have a 15 minute delay. 

Find Role IQ analytics in the analytics dashboard in the left-pane navigation, or by clicking the View analytics in the top right area of your roles page.

A CSV download of the analytics report is available on the roles analytics page. To download, click the orange Download reports button in the top right.

Check out our article on Roles analytics to learn more!

If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.