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Role IQ helps you understand the skills important to your role. There's no limit to the number of Role IQs you can get. You can browse all our roles by clicking Browse, then Role IQ.

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Tip: Before we get started, make sure you understand what skill assessments are and how to get your Skill IQ. This will help you as you learn about Role IQ.

What is Role IQ?

Roles are built by our author network, industry leaders, and partners using a foundation of skill assessments in various technologies. If you're on an enterprise plan, this also includes custom roles built by your organization.

To understand more about Role IQ, see the Data Analyst (Python) example below:

Each role shows your progress, required skill assessments, and the creator of the role. In the example above, Pluralsight created this role and requires Data Analytics Literacy, Python for Data Analysis, Interpreting Data with Python, and other skill assessments. A role may also have optional skill assessments that aren't required.

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How do I get my Role IQ?

  1. Visit your Role IQ page (opens in new tab) and click a role that interests you.
  2. When prompted to choose an experience level, click the one you think reflects your current ability. Choosing a current level provides you with a baseline skill level from which to measure future progress. If you're on a Professional or Enterprise plan, self-assessing allows for you to be on team analytics. The levels are Beginner, Entry-level, Mid-level, and Senior-level.
  3. In the Skills area, select an unmeasured skill and click Measure Now to begin the assessment. Each skill assessment has around 20 timed questions and will take under 10 minutes to complete.
  4. After you take each required skill assessment, you'll receive your Role IQ level and summary.

For learners on a team plan, assigned roles from your plan admin or team manager will show on your Role IQ page. You'll receive and email notification if you're assigned a role.

The My Roles area of the Role IQ page includes started and completed roles. If a role was assigned to you by your organization, an assigned designator will show in the top-right corner of the role.

To remove a role from you My Roles area, click the options menu in the role, then click Remove. Don't worry—we still keep your Role IQ progress. The role just gets removed from the My Roles area. You cannot remove a completed or assigned role.

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How do I update my Role IQ?

Skill assessments are the metric used to gauge Role IQ proficiency. Because of this, it's important to take Skill assessment retakes as soon as they're available. Go to your Role IQ page (opens in new tab) and click on your desired role to view the details. Click each Skill listed within the role to see your available retakes.

Click the Retake now button on the skill you want to remeasure.

Retake now

Once you've retaken an assessment—either from the Role IQ page or elsewhere on the platform—the graph view updates to show your new Skill IQ. Pluralsight always keeps the highest of the two scores.

Important: You may come across a skill assessment in a role marked BETA. This means we're still validating the skill assessment. Your Role IQ will be pending. Once a skill assessment is moved out of beta, you must take the assessment again in order to finish your Role IQ.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.