Role IQ for professional plan managers and admins

What is Role IQ?

Tip: Before we get started, we recommend checking our articles on skill assessments and the learner Role IQ experience to help you as you learn about Role IQ.

Role IQ helps you understand the skills important to your learners' roles within your organization. Where Skill IQ helps you understand individual skills in a given technology, Role IQ combines those skills - creating roles to help you skill up your teams into modern tech roles.

Professional plan managers and admins have access to the following features:

  • Access to Pluralsight-created roles: Built by Pluralsight content creators and partners, Pluralsight-created roles cover a wide range of skills and roles within a given industry.

  • Assigning roles: You can assign any role to one or more learners on your plan.

  • Basic roles analytics: Basic roles analytics gives plan admins top-level insight into team or organization engagement and visibility into aggregate role proficiency.

Learn more about these features below.

Assigning a role

You can assign any role to one or more learners with a license on your team.

  1. Locate and click on a Pluralsight-created role.
  2. Click the Assign Role button.
  3. Enter the learner's name in the field.
  4. Click the Assign role button to finalize.

This will add the role to that learner's Role IQ page. The learner also receives an email indicating they’ve been assigned to a role.

To un-assign learners from a role, click your learners' avatars to the right of the Assign Role button and click un-assign on any learner in that role. 

Basic roles analytics

Important: Roles analytics can only be seen by plan admins on professional plans.

Find Role IQ analytics in the analytics dashboard in the left-pane navigation, or by clicking the View analytics button on your roles page.

Top-level roles analytics view

Skill drill down role analytics view

Basic roles analytics allows insight into top-level aggregated Role IQ data. In order for a learner to appear in analytics, the learner must self-assess in their role. Roles analytics updates every 15 minutes.

A CSV download of the analytics report is available on the roles analytics page. Download these reports by clicking the orange Download button.

For additional information on roles analytics, click our roles analytics article to learn more.

If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.