Roles analytics: advanced

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Roles analytics gives you strategic insight into your learners' engagement with Role IQ.

In this article, we'll give an overview of the data and report features of advanced roles analytics. Before reading, we recommend reading about basic roles analytics.

Who can use this?

Managers:   +
Admins:   +
+ Available as a plan add-on

What you can do

Advanced roles analytics gives you deeper insight into your learners' role usage. You can:

  • View role analytics for individuals within your team and organization
  • View individual measurement activity and skill levels
  • Download additional reports related to individuals within a role

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Web report

To get started:

  1. Click Analytics in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click the Roles tab in the top center panel.
  3. Click any role in the roles table to display its role dashboard.

Skills table

The Skills table is available for plans with either basic or advanced analytics. Please see basic roles analytics to learn about its features.

User table

Below the skills table is the user table, which lists users who have engaged with the respective role. Click any of the column labels to sort by that field, and click again to toggle between ascending and descending.

The data fields for each user include:

User drawer

On the far right side of each user's record, you can click the caret to expand or hide the user drawer. The drawer includes a list of skill assessments taken which are part of the respective role.

The data fields include:

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CSV reports

View more details about your roles analytics with the CSV report downloads. There are three CSV reports available from a role dashboard. To download these reports, start from the role dashboard of your desired role, and click the download icon next to the Teams filter.

  • Role skill levels CSV
  • User Role IQs CSV
  • User skill levels CSV

Role skill levels CSV

The Role skill levels report is available for plans with either basic or advanced analytics. Please see basic roles analytics to learn about its data fields.

User Role IQs CSV

The User Role IQs report lists the last activity and role progression data for learners in that role.

Data fields include:

User skill levels CSV

The User skill levels report lists all skills and skill proficiency levels for each learner in that role.

Data fields include:

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Next steps

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