Roles analytics: advanced

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Roles analytics gives you strategic insight into your learners' engagement with Role IQ.

In this article, we'll give an overview of the data and report features of advanced channels analytics, available only to Enterprise group plans. Before reading, see roles analytics: basic for analytics available to both Professional and Enterprise plans.

Who can use this?

Managers:   +
Admins:   +
+ Available as a plan add-on

What you can do with advanced roles analytics

Advanced roles analytics gives you deeper insight into your learners' role usage. You can:

  • View role analytics for individuals within your team and organization
  • View individual measurement activity and skill levels
  • Download additional reports related to individuals within a role

Please note the following:

  • Roles analytics can be seen by both plan admins and team managers.
  • Team managers can only see analytics for the teams they manage.
  • In order for a learner to appear in analytics, they must self-assess in their role.
  • Roles analytics are in real time, updated every 15 minutes.

Note: Only roles that have been validated will show up in analytics. If a role is unvalidated, that means we're still collecting data to provide you with relevant and meaningful information.

Note: If a learner completed all assessments in a role but is not showing a Role IQ level, they must go back to their role details page. This assigns the role level to the learner.

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Advanced Roles analytics web view

To get started, click on Analytics using the left-pane navigation. Click the Roles tab in the top center panel. Or, you can click the View analytics button on your roles page.

On an Enterprise plan, you can see individualized roles analytics for learners on your team. Click on a role, then scroll down to the Users with this role section.

Filter the list of users by selecting All users or Assigned users from the filter drop-down menu. Click on an individual to view skill-level analytics relating to the role, including skill levels and last measurement times.

Additional report downloads

Click the Download report button to select from three reports in the drop-down menu.

  • Role skill levels report lists the skills and proficiency levels within a role.
  • User Role IQs lists the last activity and role progression data for learners in that role.
  • User skill levels lists all skills and skill proficiency levels for each learner in that role.

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