SageMaker replacing AWS ML service

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The Issue

The AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty exam is reaching end of life and AWS has announced a replacement planned for early 2020. The A Cloud Guru AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty 2019 (opens in new tab) course continues to align well with the current exam and students are still reporting good success based on the course. However one section of the course, 'Machine Learning' makes use of 'AWS ML service', which AWS is now deprecating.

This 'ML service' is no longer available to new accounts, which results in new students not being able to complete the labs. Even though reports on the exam indicate that this is a minor part of the exam and not likely to have a major bearing on the exam outcome, it is causing some distress and distraction for students.

The Solution

AWS has replaced the ML service with Amazon SageMaker as its core Machine Learning engine. In our course catalogue we have a course that specializes on Machine Learning (opens in new tab) and using SageMaker. This course is available at no cost to all A Cloud Guru members, including those doing the AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty course.

The following lectures can be used to supplement the A Cloud Guru AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty 2019 course to develop a deeper understanding of Machine Learning in general and SageMaker specifically:

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