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What is a sandbox?

A sandbox is a set of interface components allowing you to interact with a computing environment (such as a terminal or code editor).

Important: Please make sure your whitelist and firewall permissions allows access to Sandbox domains. Find the list of needed whitelisted items in our IP whitelist article.

Who can use this?

Learners:  +++
+ Available as a plan add-on


A sandbox is designed to help you with two things:

  • Focus on the task at hand without installing anything.
  • Try a new piece of software without cluttering your local environment

Here's an example of a typical sandbox environment:

Sandbox interface

Where can I find sandboxes?

Sandboxes are included within select, popular video courses throughout the Skills platform. If a sandbox exists, you'll see a Launch Sandbox button as shown below.

Location of launch sandbox button

Where can I find additional help with sandboxes?

Click the gear icon in the lower left corner of the sandbox to find environment and interface overviews, settings, and shortcuts. Use the Help Tour for a guided, step-by-step tour of the sandbox.

For additional documentation covering sandboxes, please check out this Getting started - User guide.

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