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A sandbox is a set of interface components allowing you to interact with a computing environment—such as a terminal or code editor.

Who can use this?

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Important: Please make sure your allowlist and firewall permissions allow access to Sandbox domains. Find the list of needed allowlisted items in our IP allowlist article.

How do I use sandboxes?

A sandbox is designed to help you:

  • Focus on the task at hand without installing anything
  • Try a new piece of software without cluttering your local environment

Let’s look at each of the components of the sandbox environment.

  1. The display options let you choose between the following views:
    • Instructions view shows you the instructional sidebar and the work area.
    • Workspace view hides the instructional sidebar, expanding the size of the work area.

Note: Each sandbox is unique, and some may not contain an instructional sidebar.

  1. The instructional sidebar tells you what you need to do to complete the sandbox.
  2. The filetree allows you to interact with the files in your project. In addition to viewing files and directories, you can create new ones, rename them, delete them, and download and duplicate individual files.
  3. The work area consists of the code editor, the terminal, and the web browser.
    • The code editor allows you to write new code or edit the code that comes in the exercise files.
    • The terminal allows you to compile and execute programs, navigate your coding environment, and other functions in a standard command-line interface.
    • You can click the refresh icon in the web browser to see your changes.

Note: Each sandbox is unique, and the default view of your sandbox may look different than the one pictured here. You can adjust the layout of the work area sections in the settings menu (see below).

  1. The run button allows you to compile and execute your project code.
  2. Additional controls include help and settings.
    • From the help menu, you can use the help tour for a step-by-step tour of the sandbox.
    • From settings, you can customize the interface to your preferences. You can also reset the sandbox environment to its initial state if you want a fresh start.

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Where can I find sandboxes?

Sandboxes are included within select, popular video courses throughout the Skills platform. If a sandbox exists, you'll see a Launch Sandbox button as shown below.

Location of launch sandbox button

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