Setting code fundamental targets

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The code fundamentals report package gives you the ability to see your team across four fundamental productivity metrics, and how they compare to industry benchmarks. In the app, the benchmarks and targets are displayed like this. Benchmarks can be toggled On or Off within the platform, while the Minimum and Target values are fully customizable.

How to set customized targets for your team

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu then under Report Settings from the left navigation click Targets.
  2. Under the Code tab, you will see industry benchmarks for the four code fundamental metrics based on three distinct behavior profiles.  Occasional contributors are people that work within the code base infrequently. Primary contributors are where you should find the bulk of the full time software developers - where the goal is to design and write software for your customers. The leading contributors are the highest numbers in the Industry.
  3. With these industry benchmarks in mind, you can begin to set customized minimum and target values for your entire org. All of the values set for org targets will be inherited by every team and individual. You can also set targets at the team level and the user level.
  4. To add targets at the team or user level, click on the box you want to change and type in the numeric value you want to override it with.
Tip: If you do not see a user or a team in the list, click the Load more members or Load more teams< button to see more users or teams.

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