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Create your own organizational targets in Flow for each category of metrics: culture, activity, and efficiency. Setting targets for each metric assists you in improving the effectiveness of your team's code review process. Set your targets based on your historical organizational trends.

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Set customized targets

To get started, navigate to the Settings menu. Under Report Settings click Targets in the left-hand navigation. Set customized minimum, maximum, and target values for your desired metrics. All values set for org targets are inherited by every team and individual. You can also set targets at the team level and the user level.

To add or edit targets at the team or user level, click the text box you want to change, and type the numeric value you want to override it with.

Tip: If you do not see a user or team in the list, click the Load more members or Load more teams button to see more users or teams

Below is a summary of the target metrics you can set for reports the metrics categories and their units of measurement:


  • Follow-on commits: numerical value
  • Knowledge Sharing Index: numerical value
  • Reviewer comments: numerical value
  • Thoroughly reviewed PRs: percentage
  • Time to first comment: hours
  • Unreviewed PRs: percentage


  • Coding days: numerical value
  • Commits per day: numerical value
  • Impact: numerical value


  • Efficiency: percentage
  • Iterated PRs: percentage
  • PR iteration time: hours
  • Time to merge: hours

Tip: Setting Team or user level targets will override the org targets for the Team or the user.

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