Setting up custom date ranges

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The purpose of this document is to show you how to set up custom date ranges.  It’s easy!


To do this, you’ll need to have the following permissions. 

  • Manage configurations
  • Manage calendars

You can check this on the Access tab of your User details page and ask you Flow admin to help you if you don’t have them set-up.

Turn on this feature for your organization 

Step 1: On your Flow home page, go to the top navigation bar and click Settings. Using the left navigation under Report Settings, click Configurations.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the General tab to the Custom Date Ranges section.

Step 3: Check the Enable custom date ranges check box and customize the label you’ll see in the picker. We’ve defaulted it to “Sprints”.

Create a calendar

Step 1: Navigate to Calendars then click Add Calendar.

Step 2: Set up your new calendar

  • Name:  Your choice, but we recommend a naming convention that all teams will use for these types of calendars.
  • Description:  Your choice
  • Calendar Type:  
    • If you want it to show up when you’re looking at a team, choose "Group"

    • If you want it to show when you’re looking at the organization, choose “Organization.”  Usually “Group” is best.

  • Show On:  Choose Date Picker or Both. Most of the time Date Picker works just fine.

Subscribe your team(s)

If you chose a "Group calendar” we need to know which teams you want this to apply to.  Select the calendar you just created, navigate to the Subscribed Teams tab and add the teams you want to add. See more info about subscribing teams.

Add your ranges

Add events that you want to show up as a range.  You can do this through the UI or through a bulk/.csv upload.   Instructions for both are below.

Upload from CSV:

To upload from a .csv, navigate to the Calendars page, click on the Bulk Upload (.csv) button and follow the instructions. 

From the UI

Select the calendar you created under the "Create a calendar" section.

Click on the Add Event button.

Add events and click Create.

Check your work

You’re done! Your sprints should now be visible in your date picker.

  1. Navigate to Project timeline.  
  2. Select one of the teams that you subscribed to the calendar 
  3. Open the date picker (Date Range).  

Tip: Date ranges in the future will be grayed out.

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