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Who can use this?


Who can see my Skill IQ?

A Pluralsight Skill IQ ranking is a scientific, quantifiable measurement of your ability in a specific skill.

If you use Skills on a team plan, your plan admin and team manager will not be able to see your specific Skill IQ score. However, they will be able to see your skill ranking (Novice, Emerging, Average, Above Average, Expert), along with your team’s skill ranking and average score.

For example, your leader could see that your skill ranking is "Above Average" in Angular, and that the team’s skill ranking is "Novice" with an average score of 60. However, they cannot see your exact score.

Note: In order for your leader to see your team’s average score, a minimum of five individuals must take a Skill IQ.

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Should I use Skill IQ rankings for hiring, firing, or promotion decisions?

Pluralsight’s skill assessments are not designed to be used as a candidate screening tool in the hiring process. While the results of Skill IQ are useful to motivate users to learn and benchmark abilities within an organization, employers should be aware that Pluralsight does not support a standard set of features that are commonly perceived requirements for screening tools. As such, Pluralsight does not recommend using Skill IQ as the singular measure of hard skills in the hiring process.

If a user has been issued a Pluralsight license through a business plan and has activated that license, a business may choose to use their Skill IQ and Role IQ rankings in decision making. If a user does not have a paid and activated Pluralsight license, they may sign up for a free, personal account and choose to share their Skill IQ and Role IQ with their current or prospective employer. You do not need a paid subscription to take a Skill IQ.

For other employment-related decisions, Skill IQ can be used as one of many data points and considered in context of other information the employer has available on the employee.

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How is Skill IQ different from other certificates or badges?

Pluralsight Skill IQ is a numeric assessment of your skill proficiency versus badges or certificates given for course completion or points for activities.  Each Skill IQ measurement is built with high statistical significance by Pluralsight's content team and expert network, so you can trust the results.

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How is Skill IQ different from vendor certifications?

Skill IQ rankings are not vendor certifications. The Skill IQ assessments are intended only to measure your skill proficiency in specific areas. While this measurement can be used in combination with industry certifications, they are not intended to replace vendor certifications. 

Skill IQ assessments are less time-intensive and expensive than vendor certifications, which makes measuring your skill in a technology area more accessible. You can also remeasure your skill to keep your Skill IQ ranking current with your knowledge.

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How is Skill IQ different from learning checks?

Learning checks are focused on helping members check their knowledge of course material and retention and are best used as learning aid. They can be retaken multiple times and are not timed.

Skill IQ look at a skill in a much more holistic way, measuring the total level of the skill test taker compared to other professionals. The result or skill ranking provided gives the test taker a much better representation of their skill level compared to other professionals, and helps them determine what skills to watch next to keep advancing. Skill IQ is a great feature to quantify skill level, determine what to watch to skill up, and to validate growth along the learning journey.

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How is Skill IQ different from the CyberVista certification practice exam?

Skill IQ measures your relative proficiency in a topic and diagnoses your strengths and gaps for development purposes, but it doesn't necessarily tell you how prepared you are to take a certification exam. For learners who want to build confidence and prepare to take a certification exam, we partner with CyberVista (formerly Kaplan IT Training) to provide practice opportunities. Learners on individual Premium subscriptions, Enterprise business plans, and Professional business plans have access to the CyberVista certification practice exams.

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