Re-measuring a Skill IQ

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Taking a skill assessment gives you a Skill IQ. You can remeasure your Skill IQ in two ways: you can take a skill assessment do-over, or wait for a skill assessment retake to unlock. Find information on both options below.

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Skill assessment do-over

A do-over gives you the opportunity to take a skill assessment again. Immediately after you complete a skill assessment, you’ll unlock a one-time do-over which is only available for 48 hours after you take the skill assessment. If you take a do-over and score lower, it’s okay—we remove that lower score and keep the higher score.

To take a do-over, go to your profile page (opens in new tab), click the Skill IQ you want, and click Try Again. You can also access available retakes, as well as the Skill IQ page (opens in new tab), from the Skill IQ widget on the right side of your home page.

After you take your do-over, you'll see a date when your next skill assessment will be available.

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Skill assessment retake

A skill assessment retake is the opportunity for you to have your skill proficiency re-evaluated after developing more in the skill. This helps you measure improvement and track your progress over time.

Important: Unlike a do-over, a retake does not remove the lower score. The retake becomes the new score. However, you'll get a do-over opportunity after any retake.

A skill assessment retake unlocks 14 days from the last day you took the skill assessment. This includes the initial assessment, do-overs, and retakes. You can access all available retakes from the Discover tab on the Skill IQ page (opens in new tab). Click Expand retakes to see Skill IQ assessments available for retake.

While you can’t stop or reset a retake, you can exit and return to it at a later time. Your progress will be saved and you’ll resume at the point where you last stopped.

Click Finish to complete any unfinished retakes.

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Seeing your skill progress over time

To see how your Skill IQ has changed over time, visit your profile (opens in new tab) and click a Skill IQ for which you’ve completed one or more retakes. Click Skill IQ History to toggle between your current and historical Skill IQ. This shows retake history and excludes do-overs.

Skill IQ history

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