Taking the skills assessment

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Taking the skills assessment

You’ve likely just received an email inviting you to take the skills assessment from your team administrator. We’ll walk you through each step of the way ensuring you can instead focus on taking the assessment.

  1. After being invited by your administrator, you’ll receive the invitation in your email to get started on your skills assessment.
Note: You’ll need to complete the assessment within the timeframe determined by your administrator. Additionally, you’ll have up to one hour to complete the assessment after starting. Make sure to give yourself enough time for the best experience.
  1. Select Start Assessment in your email.
  2. You’ll be brought to a page explaining the details of the assessment. Currently, we assess either your AWS or Azure skills. To begin, select Start the Skills Assessment.
  3. You’ll first be asked to define your primary and secondary specialties along with indicating your estimated levels in each.

    Unsure of where your skills are? No worries. Select the ones that you believe best match your skill set and the assessment will adjust as questions are answered.

  4. Next up, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate any AWS certifications that you might have already earned. (Great job, by the way!)

    This does not have an effect on your ACG profile.

  5. Select Start Baseline Assessment. A Popup will appear indicating that you have one hour to complete the assessment along with accepting the skills assessment terms of use.

    Once you start the assessment, you cannot leave and come back.

  6. The assessment consists of multiple questions for you to answer.
  7. Once the system has a good view of where your skill level is, the assessment will complete and you will be presented with the results page.

    As you can see, you’ll find your estimated skill level compared to results of your skills assessment. You may have just surprised yourself!

  8. What’s next? Your admin will receive your team’s results. This will help them in assigning learning paths and getting your team started towards the cloud! Hop on over to the FAQ section if you have any other questions.

Questions or feedback? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

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