Skills release notes: August 2019

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases

Now you can enjoy improved responsiveness on the Home experience on your mobile devices. Be sure to download our mobile apps (opens in new tab) for an even more customized mobile experience.

All learners, plan admins, and team managers can now see the redesigned Skills navigation (opens in new tab). Find all your learning tools in the header, resources in the footer, and be sure to check out your profile in the top-right corner. Plus, enjoy a more streamlined search experience.

Plan admins and team managers can still find their tools from the left-hand navigation.

Skill assessments

Now you can do-over a skill assessment (opens in new tab) within the first 48 hours of your assessment. You can also unlock a retake after 45 days instead of 90 days.


Now you can add a comment to an answer within Q&A (Enterprise plans only). Contribute to an answer presented by your peers, validate the answer, or provide feedback.

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Leader releases

New plan admins and team managers

New to using Pluralsight Skills? New plan admins and team managers now get a Getting started guide to help you roll out the platform to your teams.

Language analytics

You now have language analytics on your dashboard. Language analytics is a new experience to help all leaders within Skills, both plan admins and team managers, align their teams’ skill development with their software development initiatives.

You can connect your teams’ git repositories to the Skills platform using the language analytics experience located on your dashboard. You can then simultaneously view your teams’ metrics for both Skills and the connected repository.

Team manager & plan admin dashboard: see the languages your devs are coding in, and the languages they're learning on Pluralsight, at a glance.

Technology skills engagement

Technology skills with related skill assessments is another new experience on your dashboard. You can now view which skills your teams are engaging with the most, and which skill assessments match them, at a glance. Like language analytics, this experience is available to both plan admins and team managers.

Team manager & plan admin dashboard: see technology skills and related skill assessments at a glance

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Mobile and offline apps

Android and iOS mobile apps, as well as the macOS desktop app, are now SSO-enabled.

If you’re a member of a group plan, the streamlined sign-in experience won’t require a PIN or involve being redirected to your browser. Learn more about SSO on our mobile apps or check out SSO for the macOS desktop app.

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