Skills release notes: August 2020

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases

Skill IQs in channels

Now you can add Skill IQ assessments directly to your channels. This makes it easier to bundle various content types together around your channel’s topic, including courses, projects, paths, guides, Skill IQs, and external links. See the Help Center for instructions on adding content to your channel.

Certification prep

Certification prep courses are now even easier to find on the Browse page (opens in new tab). The new link—featured front and center—leads you to dozens of paths designed to prepare you for certification in a variety of technologies.

Search results sidebar

Now you’ll see a new sidebar on the search results of a query. This displays related topics, additional topics others searched for, and the most relevant assessment to your query.

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Mobile and offline apps


  • If you’ve set a time-based learning goal, now you can view that goal and how far you’ve progressed on the home screen of Pluralsight’s iOS app.
  • Now you can set up notifications to remind you to skill up with Pluralsight. From your home screen, go to Settings and enable Reminder to learn notifications. You can customize what days and times you’d like to receive a notification reminding you to skill up using the Pluralsight iOS app.

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