Skills release notes: December 2018

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases


External links in a channel get marked as complete when clicked. But sometimes learners click a link just to see what it is. To help this scenario, we added the ability to reset progress for any external link, in the link’s dropdown menu.

Stumped on what to learn next? Now Skills offers recommendations at the bottom of channels, so you can easily see more courses that might be a good fit for your channel.


You can now see the interactive courses and projects an author has created on their author page. Explore our authors' profiles (opens in new tab) to see this in action.


Your profile (opens in new tab) already showed video courses you've watched. Now, interactive courses and projects also display on your profile. You can still choose whether that's publicly visible by clicking the eye icon.

Role IQ

We've released nine new Roles:

  • Business Intelligence / Data Analyst (Microsoft Self-Service)
  • Business Intelligence / Data Analyst (Microsoft SQL Server Stack)
  • Business Intelligence / Data Analyst (Qlik)
  • Mobile Developer (Android)
  • Mobile Developer (iOS)
  • Java Developer
  • Cloud Architect (AWS)
  • Developer on AWS
  • Android Associate Developer Kotlin

Visit Role IQ (opens in new tab) to see all the roles available to you.

Tip: If a role has the beta tag, that means we're still validating the Skill IQs associated with those roles.

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Leader releases


All first-time learners on Business plans will see a guided tour of Pluralsight Skills that prompts them to measure skills, try a learning path, explore channels, browse courses, and apply skills with interactive courses.

Business analytics

Channels analytics just got faster. Some business plans have dozens or more channels that only have one member, and that made it slow to display your channels. Now, Skills hides channels with one member by default.

You can click the All Channels drop-down menu in the top right to display all channels.

Channels analytics automatically hides channels with one or no members.

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Mobile and offline apps


Fixed an issue with progress reporting for external links in channels


Added progress reporting for external links in channels

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