Skills release notes: December 2019

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases

Keeping your channel content up to date

In addition to releasing new courses on a weekly basis, Pluralsight retires older content when updated courses are released. When a new course is available to replace a retired course, you’ll see a “New Course Available” notification in the channel, prompting you to swap out the old for the new.


Q&A has a new look. You’ll find an improved onboarding experience, updated question flow, and simpler question and answer layout. If you have access to Q&A, check out the new look (opens in new tab).

Skill IQ

If you’ve been working on your skills and you're ready to retake a skill assessment, now you can take it sooner. You can now unlock a retake after 30 days instead of 45.

Learner homepage: recommended courses

  • On the learner homepage, you can add recommended courses to channels or hide them completely. You can also give feedback on what recommendations display on your carousel.
  • Course recommendations include a visual indicator of when content is new. “New” content is defined as appearing on the platform within the last six months. New content has priority within the top five recommendations.


It’s now easier to search for the content you need. Search results now include video courses, projects, interactive courses, and paths—together in a unified results list.

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Mobile and offline app releases


Now it’s easier to check what you know by taking a learning check after you finish a module. You’ll only be asked about content from the module you just completed, and if you’d rather take the learning check after you’ve completed the whole course, you can still do that.

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