Skills release notes: February 2020

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases

  • Premium and business plan learners: now you can add Interactive courses (opens in new tab) to a channel from the Interactive Course landing page.
  • Your learner homepage (opens in new tab) now allows you to set time-based goals for your learning using the goal setting feature. Try it out a week at a time, and you’ll get emails encouraging your success. Note: goal-setting is only available for personal, premium, and business plan subscribers.
  • The skill assessment results page has a new redesign for the proficient and expert pages. This update includes improved guidance for next steps in your learning. To share your Skill IQ, use the icons at the top right of the screen. To get to the skill assessment results page, visit your profile (opens in new tab), then click on a Skill IQ tile.
  • Guides results are now searchable within the Skills platform. This makes it easier for you to find content in multiple formats to drive your skilling-up goals.
  • Now a progress indicator appears on courses when you search in the Skills platform, making it easier to see where you left off.

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Leader releases

  • Now you have more control over the permissions of your team managers. You can toggle specific settings on or off across all your team managers in addition to setting managers to have Basic, Limited, or Full permissions. These toggle settings are applied to all managers on your plan.
  • If you manage more than one business plan, you now have a plan switcher on the Channels admin page and the Role IQ admin page. You can use the plan switcher to navigate from one business plan to another, and you’ll only see the company channels and roles on the plan you’ve selected. This simplifies your experience, allowing you to more easily find the company channels and roles you’re looking for.

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Mobile and offline apps


  • Now you can switch to light mode on the app if you prefer a light background over a dark one.
  • With the mini-player in the app, now you can keep watching a course while browsing the app.

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