Skills release notes: February 2022

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases


Now you have a search option that allows you to filter search results using the new market taxonomy tags. The most common tags from the list of results are displayed in the Topic facet.

Skill IQ

Now your Skill IQ score and percentile are mapped to one of five levels:

  • Novice (0th-19th percentiles)
  • Emerging (20th-39th percentiles)
  • Average (40th-59th percentiles)
  • Above Average(60th-79th percentiles)
  • Expert (80th-99th percentiles)

This places visual emphasis on the percentile instead of the score.

The graph is also now responsive on smaller screens.

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Leader releases

Advanced skills inventory analytics

Team managers and admins on plans with advanced analytics now have a new tool in advanced skills inventory analytics. The proficiency trend over time visualization shows the progress of learners who have reassessed (taken the same assessment more than once) on any assessments that are part of the selected subject.

Read about how this new analytics experience can help your team in Skills inventory analytics: advanced.

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