Skills release notes: January 2019

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases


You may notice a cleaner experience on your homepage—that's because we've created a single Recommended courses carousel. Visit your homepage (opens in new tab) to see it and explore recommendations on what to learn next.

Role IQ

We've added one more Role: Operations Engineer AWS (Sys Admin). Visit Role IQ (opens in new tab) to see all the roles available to you.

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Leader releases


No more waiting up to 24 hours for a delay in reporting. Analytics and reports are now real-time, with the exception of Skills and Roles.

Role IQ

We've added these powerful Role IQ capabilities for Enterprise plan admins and team managers:

  • Assign roles to learners
  • Copy roles and customize them for your organization
  • See your learners' progress in Roles analytics (plan admins only)

Learn more about these features in our Role IQ article.

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Mobile and offline apps


  • Check out the brand new course details screen. We've combined course details and the player into a single experience.
    • The course contents are now visible when you first visit a course to save you an extra tap. The design also adapts much better to various device sizes and orientation.
    • Take a learning check for a fun new visual surprise on your results screen.
  • Fix: Tweaked the course download button to offer better visual feedback about your download.


  • If a course has a learning check, it will be available from the course screen. See how well you can do against questions written by the author. But don’t worry, your score won’t count towards your Skill IQ. You can retake the Learning Check as many times as you like.

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