Skills release notes: January 2021

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases


Now you’ll receive emails when earning a badge. Additionally, you can now look back on your previous accomplishments by adding a yearly drop down and stacked badges. Check it out by clicking on your profile avatar, and then clicking Trophy Case (opens in new tab).


The new Browse flyout menu can help you explore the newest topics and features on the Skills platform.

Ways to Learn

From the Browse flyout menu, you can now use the new Ways to Learn page (opens in new tab) to find video content, hands-on content, and written content all in one place.

VS Code Extension

Now you can see a refreshed workspace and coding dashboard using the updated Pluralsight VS Code Extension.

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Leader releases


You can now select multiple teams with the Select Teams filter in analytics. This makes it easier to summarize data across teams. This updated filter is available in Content, Inventory, Subjects, Usage, and Users Analytics.

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Mobile and offline apps


Now you can download all courses from a path or channel at once on the Android app. This lets you more quickly download the content you want.


If you have channels that include channels sections, you can now see those sections in the iOS app.

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