Skills release notes: June 2019

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases

Navigating Role IQ

It’s now easier to navigate Role IQ on your mobile browser! Role IQ has an updated interface creating a more streamlined and responsive mobile experience.

Skills has thousands of courses—and now it’s even easier to find them. You’ll find New! courses highlighted in search to easily find the latest courses on the technologies and languages you’re looking to skill up in.


You have a new Projects experience allowing you to start on a Project via a ZIP download, working through it on your machine, and uploading back to us! We'll check your work and make sure your Project is still on track.

This gives you a second option for using Projects, in addition to using GitHub.

See all of our Projects (opens in new tab).

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Leader releases

New onboarding guide

Plan admins and team managers, check out the Getting started: Skills admin and manager guide to start your team off with success.

This onboarding guide introduces you to the strategy to consider when rolling out Skills to your team, and then walks you through inviting learners and building your teams, organizing content, understanding your teams’ growth, and ideas to encourage your teams.

It’s packed with how-to links, step-by-step videos, editable email templates, and even printable poster downloads.

People page

You have a new experience to see and manage the learners, managers, and admins in your Pluralsight Skills plan.

The reorganized People page (opens in new tab) includes tabs toward the top of the page. This gives you a more organized directory where you can easily assign or move users between teams.

The All Users, Pending Invites, and Unassigned Users links are now displayed as tabs along the top of the page.

Click People in your left-hand navigation to see this experience.

The People page gives team managers and plan admins a way to see all learners on the plan—and on some permission levels, create teams and move learners between teams.

Admins and Managers tabs

The Admins tab on the People page replaces the Account page's Administrators tab. Enable a learner license for a plan admin, add new admins, and remove admins through this interface.

The Managers tab offers the same options for team managers. Additionally, you can configure team manager permissions for the group plan on the Managers tab.

Pending invites tab

The Pending Invites page now includes an Invite Link icon. The Invite Link icon lets admins copy a learner’s invitation link, so the admin can send the link directly to the learner.

This may be useful in cases where the original invitation email has been lost or deleted. Click here for more invitation steps and troubleshooting tips.

Note: The Invite Link icon is only available to plan admins for an account. It is not available to team managers.

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Mobile and offline apps


  • The Course Details page is redesigned, allowing for easier access to course learning checks and transcripts.
  • Learners now have a simplified sign-in experience when authorizing a device using a code.


  • Learners now have a simplified sign-in experience when authorizing a device using a code.

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