Skills release notes: March 2019

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases

Skill IQ

There's now a time-based retake option available, 90 days after taking a skill assessment.


We’ve rebuilt the Search experience (opens in new tab) inside the Pluralsight app, so you can find your build your learning journey with the perfect courses to fill your skill gaps. 


Q&A is a new experience now available to Enterprise plan learners. Ask and answer your peers' questions within your organization to enable collaborative learning.

How to use Pluralsight course

We're excited to announce a learner-focused, 15-minute course on how to use Skills, Pluralsight Learner: Getting Started (opens in new tab).

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Leader releases

Analytics updates (both Professional and Enterprise)

Usage and Users analytics and reports are now centered around the learners currently on the team, rather than a history of team activity.

Learners’ data in analytics will now follow learners from team to team.

Also, analytics dashboard filters now dictate what's included in a report download. This replaces the download report drop-down menu.

Lastly, Users analytics now includes an all-time option in the filter options. Users analytics joins Courses, Usage, and Subjects analytics in having an all-time filter option available.

Analytics updates (Enterprise plans only)

You now have access to a new section within Advanced skills analytics, called Skills progress. This shows your learners' progress in skill assessments.

Enterprise team managers have access to all areas of the new skills progress section, but can only see learners on their team.

Scrolling view of Skills progress analytics

To get to Skills progress, go to basic skill analytics, then click on a skill, such as Javascript. For a given skill, you can see how learners progressed, as well as how many learners retook the skill assessment.

There are up to three possible visualizations and lists of learners available in this section, grouped by users who initially scored as novice, proficient, or expert. For example, if your plan had only novices and proficient scores on the first attempt, there won’t be an expert section.

The user list for each section shows the learner’s name, first assessed level and date, last assessed level and date, and their team.


We’ve added the ability to duplicate a channel. This is helpful if you manage multiple plans and you want to copy a channel from one plan to another.

This is available to learners and plan admins alike, on business and individual subscriptions. If you can view a channel, you can duplicate it.

Role IQ (Enterprise plans only)

You’ll find an updated experience for role duplication. Also, plan admins and team managers can now create new roles, instead of just duplicating and customizing them.

Role IQ (Professional plans only)

The Role IQ manager experience is now available for you. Learn more about using Role IQ and roles analytics as a Professional plan admin or team manager.

Q&A (Enterprise plans only)

Q&A is now available to Enterprise plans, allowing your team to ask and answer their peers' questions and learn collaboratively.

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Mobile and offline apps


  • Are you using your mobile device on your organization's Pluralsight Skill plan? Now in Channels, you can find all your organization's Company channels, and join, share, or leave them.
  • Your homepage is even more about you: it contains your channels and your paths.
  • If you have a channel that has an external link that is a Pluralsight course (for example, if you have a channel with course modules linked as external links), they will just open in the mobile app.

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