Skills release notes: May 2019

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Skills has a new look

Find the content you need today with Browse

It’s now easier to find the content that matters to you most—including cloud, machine learning, and more. Check out Browse (opens in new tab) to see what’s new.

Get where you need to be, faster, with the new navigation

You may notice a new look beyond Browse. If you’re seeing a new Skills experience when you log in, we've simplified our look to improve your experience! Here's a quick tour of what's new.

Note: The new navigation is a beta experience that’s slowly being sent to users over the next several weeks. If you don’t have the new look yet, it’s on its way.

Use enhanced search in the top navigation to discover topics you're interested in. Click the home icon in the top left to return to your homepage (opens in new tab).Search on Pluralsight

Easily access channels, bookmarks, and notifications in the top-right navigation.

Enterprise users, you’ll see Q&A in the top right as well.

Hover over your avatar picture to find a drop-down menu with your profile, notes, history, and account and subscription settings.

At the bottom of the app, you can get support and send feedback. You can also find our mobile & offline apps as well as how to become an author in the footer.

Plan admins and team managers

Don't worry, your tools are still in the same place.

You can still dive into your dashboard, analytics, teams and more using the left-hand navigation.

Click the Home icon on the left side of the top navigation to view your learner homepage.

Unlike the new navigation experience, the following updates are released to all Skills users.

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Learner releases


  • You can archive channels you don't need anymore. This ability is available to channel owners and contributors. Learn more about archiving a channel here.
  • Now it's faster to interact with channels. Instead of clicking in to a channel to take these actions listed below, you can click the ••• options menu from the All Channels (opens in new tab) page to find the same action list available within the channel.
    Based on your access and ownership of the channel, here are the actions you might find in the ••• options menu. Please note that some options are only available to business plan users.
    • Join (available to non-members)
    • Leave (available to contributors and viewers)
    • Duplicate (available to all users)
    • Archive (available to channel owners and contributors)
    • Delete (available to channel owners)
    • Share (available to all users)


  • If you make a typo when searching, we’ll try to guess the term you were aiming to search for. Clicking the suggested term takes you to the search results page for it.
  • You’ll also see a list of the newest courses for a given topic at the top of your search results page. For example, check out the results for javascript (opens in new tab) to see newest courses at the top of the page.


  • We’ve made visual improvements to your Learning Streaks found in your profile (opens in new tab). You’ll now gain more visibility into your daily learning and monthly streaks.

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Leader releases

Role IQ

Check out the new Role IQs available (opens in new tab):

  • Database Administrator on AWS
  • Network Engineer on AWS
  • Compliance Officer on AWS
  • DevOps Engineer on AWS
  • Big Data Engineer on AWS (beta)
  • IoT Engineer on AWS (beta)
  • Note: Any roles labeled as beta will not appear in the role IQ manager or role IQ analytics experience until the role validation process is complete.

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Mobile and offline apps


  • Now you can receive a notification right from the app when an author you follow releases a new course! Notifications for different types of events can be toggled on and off individually on the Notification Preferences page.
  • See new recommendations by checking out Browse.
  • When accessing your bookmarks, you’ll be able to see more details about items you’ve bookmarked, like your current viewing progress.


  • Now you can receive a notification right from the app when an author you follow releases a new course.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.