Skills release notes: May 2020

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Explore all the recent updates to the Pluralsight Skills platform.

Learner releases


Now you can see your total view time on Skills using the new Total view time widget. The improved UI also makes it easier to edit and view your public profile.

Prepare for certifications

Now there’s a certification prep icon on a path. This helps you locate paths that help you prepare for specific certifications.

Skill assessments

The Novice page has a new look. Now if you score novice, we give you actionable recommendations.

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Leader releases

Analytics date ranges

Now you can select a specific date range for your analytics data (opens in new tab), allowing you to focus on precise time frames. Analytics has customizable date ranges on the Content, Inventory, Subjects, Usage, and Users tabs.

Roles analytics

  • Team managers can now view Roles analytics (opens in new tab) for teams they manage. Previously, this was only available to plan admins.
  • Now you can filter Roles analytics by team.

Assigning Roles and Channels

  • Both roles and channels can now be assigned to your users using their email address rather than their name. This is especially useful for organizations large enough to have more than one user with the same name. For instructions, see this article for adding users to channels, or these articles for assigning roles on Professional plans or Enterprise plans.
  • Now you can assign a role (opens in new tab) to each member of your team all at once. This allows you to add the role faster, and helps make sure nobody gets missed. If new learners are added to the team in the future, they'll automatically be assigned any roles already assigned to the team. For instructions, see these articles for assigning roles on Professional plans or Enterprise plans.

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Mobile and offline apps


Now you can use Pluralsight stickers in iMessage if you have the Pluralsight iOS app. Just download the app (opens in new tab) to get started. Details on using stickers can be found on Apple’s website (external site, opens in new tab).

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